I have just installed a program on my Linux laptop called Enfuse. It is an exposure blending program that blends differently exposed images into a nice output image. I didn't have any decent photos that I are worth showing but the results on the test images are fantastic.

To do it I did the following steps:

  1. Took the photo in RAW.
  2. Developed the RAW file several times using different exposure compensations, normally negative one, zero and positive one.
  3. Saved each image as a bitmap.
  4. Blended them using enfuse using an output of bitmap.
  5. Edited the result using GIMP to crop and straighten etc.
  6. Saved the final image as a JPG

Using the bitmap format as an intermediate format made the files really big but there was no data loss like there would have been if I used the JPG format.

I will go through my photos and look for an image that I can apply this too.

EDIT: I found a half decent photo that demonstrates what enfuse does. This was developed using the exposure settings of neg 1, zero, pos 1 and pos 2.