I have decided to write a book about GIMP to give me greater knowledge on:

  1. The GIMP,
  2. The typesetting program Lyx, and
  3. Writing a book.

It will almost always be a work in progress because I am still learning stuff about the GIMP and it keeps getting updated. I have plenty of time on my hands both at work and at home.

While at work there is nothing to do at night time so I will be working on the book. During my 2 weeks off at home I am often just sitting around bored.

This book will be available for free on-line as a web book as well as a PDF. I am still ot sure if I want to publish it using a site like Lulu.

It will divided into 3 sections:

  1. Information on GIMP, how to install it, how to configure it etc
  2. The tools available in GIMP
  3. Photo manipulation task orientated tutorials.