I was walking along the beach at Mooloolaba today taking photo of various things, rocks, sand patterns, a jogger, sea gulls etc. On the beach and in the surf were a group of some kids. They were obviously from a school or something learning to handle a surf board, a boogie board etc.

I was taking some photos of the kids on the surf boards riding the waves back in, the expression on their faces was great. One of the supervisors came over and I forgot what he said but I whacked out and totally over reacted. I know I have a right on a public beach to take photos of anything I want to, kids or not and there is no law against it.

I have no idea why but I was a mental case, I am ashamed of my actions. It was not violent or abusive but it was confrontational. They kept insisting there was a law against what I was doing but I know dam well that there isn't.

There was an a guy that claimed he was an off duty policeman there and I would not back down and did not play his game. The uniform cops were called and they were real nice, Sue the constable just asked what I was doing and if she could see the photos I had taken.

I gave her the camera and showed her how to scroll through them. She explained that the parents there had some concerns but after looking through my photos she said that she could tell that I was what I claimed to be, just a photog on a beach.

I certainly plan on doing better next time (in this day and age of paranoia there WILL be a next time) and not react the way I did. I still have no idea why I did wat I did but I don't want to do it again.

I have been thinking about getting a t-shirt printed that says "Photography is NOT a crime", it won't help but it would be so cool.