Don't get wrong I love my wife and she loves me but unlike the movies we don't spend every waking minute looking lovingly into each others eyes.

We do aot of things together but we also have our seperate interests. I have my photography and my wife does Reiki and that alternative stuff like Tarot cards etc.

I watched 'Knocked up' last night it was a good movie BUT it annoyed me for several reasons. First the main characters sister was so dam clingy her husband had to make stuff up to get some time to himself. I can't remember the other reason it annoyed me right now.

Chris (my wife) and I have things we do together (like watch movies at the cinema), things we do seperate (as explained above) and things we sometimes do together and sometimes not (like going for a walk). Other times we go somewhere and she does er thing while I do mine. Today we went up to Mooloolaba, she went shopping with her 3 friends while I went for a walk along the beach taking photos. We met up for lunch and then came home, great day all around.

In movies they appeal to the unrealistic romantic side to women and the logic is "If you don't want to be with me, then you must not love me", HOLY CRAP!!!! If my wife wanted to be like that then our relationship status would not remain 'married' for very long.