Last night I went out taking some photos, I started out as I normaly do just shooting JPEG. It took a while for the sun to come out from behind the clouds but when it did I had some beautiful light. My camera has three file format modes:

  1. JPEG
  2. RAW
  3. RAW+ (ie RAW + JPEG)

The K10D has a dedicated RAW button on the side, when I press that it will change to the RAW+ mode. This button can be customised so that it takes a single shot or continues to shoot in RAW+ until you hit the button again.

I was getting some overexposure in the clouds and losing details so I thought I would shoot some photos in RAW+. My RAW files are huge and I can only fit 22 on my 512M card, since I had also decided to shoot completely in Manual mode. I would take some JPEG's to get the exposure right, then shoot 1 or 2 in RAW.

I was quickly running out of room on my SD card when the sun lit up the sky, I took 1 shot in JPEG, looked at the histogram adjusted my exposure, then the next in RAW+, that shot filled the card and I had to go back.

Last night I compared the camera produced JPEG to the same photo using a conversion from RAW using an exposure setting of  negative 0.71. The colours and the details were magnitudes better than the camera produced JPEG.

I am going to need much bigger SD card's. Here is the shot that converted me to a RAW fan: