When my wife and I met her brother owned a 5 acre block of land near Yarraman. It had a big shed on it and we used to go up and stay there on weekends. We would clean up the block by cutting down the scrub and picking up the branches etc. After we had a big pile we used to have a nice bonfire.

Later on my wifes parents lived in the shed while they built a house on it. That's the house you can see on Google maps. It was so peaceful and quiet out there away from everything, it gets so dark out there that one moonless night I climbed into bed and whispered "Where are you?" to my wife, I was so close she could feel my breath on her face.

My wifes parents sold the house when her dad's health started to decline and they lived with us. Her dad has passed away and her mum is now in a nursing home with Alzimers.

During the last school holidays the kids went with my wife to a friends house. These people had a large block of land and the kids had a ton of fun, riding their bikes around playing in the trees, exploring the creek etc.

My wife suggested to me that we needed to buy a block of land as a weekend getaway. I loved the idea straight away. I started looking on the website http://www.realestate.com.au/ we looked at properties from the southside of Brisbane to up past Maryborough to out west around Kingaroy to Toowoomba.

When I flew home we had a list of properties that we wanted to look at, several were in Blackbutt so we drove up there during a school day. They were nothing like what we wanted, it was a road in the middle of nowhere and each side of the road was divided up into 5 acre blocks. It was basically a suburb transplanted to the country side.

We did make an appointment to see another block of land but the agent was delayed and we ran out of time before we had to leave and pick up the kids from school. We rescheduled a visit for the Saturday and made appointments to see 50 acre blocks of land near Kingaroy. On the Saturday we met the real estate lady and followed her and the owner to the 10 acres. We felt that this is what we were looking for straight away.

The owner had taken 2 blocks and split it into 4, the other three blocks are over 125 acres each, one is almost 200 acres. Ours is the scrappy little left over bit that is not suitable for grazing or farming and it suits us perfectly.

It has some cleared areas but it has quite a bit of bushland on it as well. Even the Lantana growing on the property is a plus. We plan on taking this block and cleaning it up a bit, gathering and burning the fallen down logs and trees, clearing the lantana, putting in a double gate, cutting the grass as an area where we can camp and later on put a big shed on it.

We have a well maintained state forest along the front of the block and a creek as the border along the back. The creek is normally a permenant creek but with the drought it has dried up.

At the moment I am not taking any photos because the battery's I have for my camera are stuffed. I can take very few photos and the batteries play up and won't work any more. I did manage to take some of the block and I plan on processing them and posting them here.

In the mean time here is the location on Google maps of our block of land, where the creek crosses the road and joins up to the other is going through our block. 2/3 of our block is to the left of that creek 1/3 is on the right side of the creek. The green part on that map is state forest and it has HEAPS of lantana on it.