I found out today that Virgin mobile have a $60/month broadband deal. You get:

  1. 4Gig download per month with no excess fees, once you hit the 4G you are slowed down to 128k, but that is still 3 times faster than the shitty dial-up speed I get now.
  2. A landline number so you don't need a landline any more. I plan on disconnecting it when the 4 month contract is over. It also means that if I move house within the state I keep the same number.
  3. Free calls to landline numbers, local and national.
  4. Free calls to Virgin mobiles.
  5. Free delivery.
  6. No setup fee.
  7. 30 day trial, if I don't like it I just send it back.
  8. It uses an Ethernet port so I will be able to connect it to my Linux server and share the connection with the family.
  9. It has wireless built-in so I will be able to connect the Nintendo Wii to the internet.

Update (27/9/07 3.48pm):

I found out that I was the one that had to sign for the modem when it arrived, my wife could not do it on my behalf. I won't be home for almost 2 weeks, that length of time the order will be automatically canceled and returned. I could not even get them to cancel the current one, they will just wait until it cancels itself automatically.

So I ordered another one in my wife's name, doesn't cost me anything to do that.

Update2 (28/9/07 10am)

I got e-mail's from Virgin telling me the new landline numbers so I rang my wife to tell her that the modems should be delivered in the next few days. She received and signed for both this morning. Looks like I will have to ring and ask for a return sachel, but it does mean that I have a choice of the two numbers.