The wife and I have decided to buy the kids a Nintendo Wii for christmas, it is going to be a family present.

I have only seen one shop that has a Wii setup for demo, as you can imagine he kept the remote in the drawer behind the counter. Since we were the only people in the shop we got all of his attention.

I know the Wii has less specs than the PS3 and the Xbox360, I know that it can't play music or DVD's but guess what? It's a hell of alot more fun and the potential of this thing is mind blowing.

I tried the bowling game in the Sports pack and it was cool, instead of mashing buttons (like you would on a PS3 or 360) you swung your arm back and then forward. The faster you swung the harder the ball went, if you twisted your wrist it would put spin on the ball. I didn't want to leave the store, I wanted to try out the tennis game but was afraid I would get so into I would knock out the store guy or the next customer.

I think game consoles have reached a point of deminishing return for more and more specs, so what the PS3 has graphics that look photo realistic, you are still smashing buttons like you did back with a Commodore64. Sure the controller looks a little different than the C64 but it can't beat swinging your arms about weilding a sword like you can with the Wii and Zelda.

Oh the other advantage of the Wii, it's 1/3 the price of the PS3 or 360, for the same price I could get a Wii pack, another controller, silicon covers (to make them different colours), a battery charging docking station and 6 or 7 games.

I have seen gun, tennis racket, golf club and baseball bat attachments for the remote, I can imagine alot more of these type of things in the near furture.

I want to go and get one now.