Since he obviously couldn't interview himself, I took the liberty of interviewing him sticking to his own approved questions:


He takes pictures on a great variety of subjects. And any picture of his is
worth taking a better look. He must have created most of the goups here
at ipernity, at least that's how it seems to me. He is one of the most important
parts of the ipernity-community and he started these very interesting Interviews.

Now we can try to know him better; ladies and gentlemen, Roberto Ballerini.

Nickname: Roberto Ballerini

Real name: Roberto Ballerini, of course ;-)

Age: 42

Website: lots and all outdated, so I'd say Ipernity ;-)

Town/nation: Senigallia / Italia

Spoken languages: Italiano, Français, a little bit of English, some words of German, Spanish, Catalan and Mandarin Chinese


Q. Tell us something about you and photography

A. My father loved photography very much, but he stopped very early to take shots; I always remember his Canonette. I always loved the idea of taking shots and I always breathed photography (one of my cousins is a former professional fashion and advertisement photographer: you can look at some of his recent pinholes on Flickr), but I never had a decent camera until I bought my first digital, a Point and shoot Fujifilm Finepix A600 in june 2006.
From that moment on, I started to look at the world around me with different eyes and I always have a camera on my back.
In April 2007 I received as a gift my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT or Kiss Digital N in some markets).

Q. What are your preferred subjects and techniques?

A. No preferred subjects nor techniques. I'm still in the newbie phase and I haven't a personal style. I look at the world around me and I take shots whenever and wherever something stimulates my fantasy, my curiosity or my creativity. Sometimes I take shots to experiment and learn new techniques.
I love to take shots at night or in low light conditions and I love black and white photography and grain.

Q. Are you a professional photographer?

A. Nope. I was a software engineer, a plant manager, a consultant, a trainer, a coach, an head hunter. Now I'm searching for a new job...

Q. What's your equipment?

A. As said before, I have a Fujifilm Finepix A600 and a Canon EOS 350D, with the standard 18-55 zoom lens. With the latter I use two filters (a neutral and a polarizer), a Vivitar tripod and a cable remote control.

Q. When and where you started sharing your shots?

A. I started sharing with my relatives on Flickr at the end of january 2007. In february I started to look at the other streams, some of my shots went public and I bought a pro account. In June, after the censorship started, I tried lots of alternatives and I decided that Ipernity would be my new home.

Q. Three preferred shots of yours?

A. Difficult to say. There are emotions linked with every shot. In Naples they say 'Ogni scarrafone è bell' a mamma soja' (every beetle is beautiful for her mother; and beetle is a synonim for ugly, in Italy).

Q. The three preferred photographers or bloggers on Ipernity (so I can interview them: it isn't a contest ;-) )

A. Another difficult question, too many friends to choose from. I will try to name three never named before in the interviews.

m8bilder (Germany)

tabu (Georgia)

Erw@n (France)

but there are lots of others as Jean François Mansencal or Clt, without forgetting all the other interviewees and all the photographers presented in my Photostream of the Day blog posts and in the Take a look group.

Q. What are the features you'd like to see implemented/improved on Ipernity?

A. The first coming to mind:

- Possibility of changing the sort order of albums and shots

- Improved latest docs (ability to choose how many shots for every category of contacts and possiblity to see all contacts, not only the logged-in)

- Possibility to post blog posts to groups

- Books (albums of blog posts / group topics)

- Sticky topics and member tags in groups discussions

- Open API (definition on Wikipedia)


Thank you very much, Roberto, and always the right light for your pictures...

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