I'll take this time of the Democratic Convention as a opportunity to catch up on my reading. I feel pretty assured of the outcome. I have been watching political party conventions all the way back to "I like Ike". I cried about the Chicago riots and was infuriated beyond words by Nixon and his gang of thugs, I was living in Los Angeles when "they" took out Bobby. America, in some ways has been on a downhill slide since John Kennedy got splattered in Dallas. The Democrats have traditionally been (since the 1920's) the Party representing the more working class and libertarian Americans, while the Republicans stand for the conservative and wealthy. If only the 'people's party' had played dirty, some of this hypocrisy would not have gone by the board. These are gross generalisations of course, yet I add them as education for readers that are not Americans. And I presume the Transformedia Blog readers are predominately not Americans. The nominee of the Democratic party will assuredly be Senator Obama.

I met people from many different nations while visiting Brazil earlier this year, and they all wanted to know;

a) did I think Obama would win the nomination / election, and,

b) did I like Obama?

I found this utterly fascinating! Portugese, Austrailians, Germans, Argentines New Zealanders, Brazilians, all seemed deeply interested in the forthcoming Election in my home country. Flattering! Frightening too, in a way.

I am embarrassed. I have no idea who runs Portugal, or if the Argentines have a parliamentary or direct participation democracy. I DO know that the Argentinian President is a Woman. The linking aspect of these "foreign nationals" is that all live in democracies! And they all consider the president we have now to be a buffoon and a puppet. Yeah, well, a lot of us knew that when 'they' stole the first election and realized we were about to reap the whirlwind as 'they' stole the second one. Don't even let me get started on 9=11.

Interesting to me, is that the people to whom I spoke were MOST interested if I liked Obama, or not. I do, but my vote is a private matter, so I will not speak to that here. As the readers of this blog remember, I recently took a trip to Ohio, the center of our country. Not a lot of banners, flags and posters there! Not near the open declarations of loyalty I witnessed with Reagan and Carter. The 'folks' are confused. They know that status quo is a loser, is bankrupting the nation and destroying their grandchildren's future but seem afraid of the 'big leap'. We all know what that big leap is, but nobody wants to say it aloud. They are afraid of having a Black Man as President of the "Greatest Country in the World". I say, what difference does his color make?

I went to Ohio to visit my Mother, now 86 years of age. When the subject of the upcoming election was discussed, her only comment was " I still think the Woman should have gotten it". Ah, the wisdom of the ages.