Ah, the Heartland. Corn, and corny. Those people can eat! And they do! Was Close to Detroit, and there were lots of new cars rolling about. Fuel is significantly cheaper there than where I live. Green, green green! Windfarms in the midst of vast cornfields. Not the green of Ireland, but the beautiful, verdant, emerald of the northern midwest USA in the waning days of summer. Little roadside stands selling fat tomatoes and the first autumn squashes. Geese in the ponds, guys going out in the morning with fishing poles and bait, back to school sales in full swing. Just a bit of tang in the morning and hint of chill at around 9 P.M.

Nice people, less territorial, more ready to chat and advise. Open and sweet, but middle America to the hilt. We are a young country, but have ancient identities. We think and work and have definite opinions and have big families and big family values. The farther I get from the coastal areas of any country, the more provincial and somehow less 'polluted' the people appear. Truer to their own intrinsic nationalistic identities, less 'sophisticated' and worldly - very genuine. This is a law of geographic societal insulation. America is my home and I love it with all my heart.

Now on to the air trip. Less painful this time. More streamlined and not so congested @ the terminals, so there is something to be said for higher airfares. BUT - not a lot of fun all round. Pay the piper, and then "home again, home again (see above for rest of old nursery rhyme concerning porcine commerce)