Ohio. Round on both ends and high in the middle. Vast portions of it were awarded to Military officers as payment for serving our fledgeling nation in the early wars that cemented our independence. Explains why so much of it is laid out in linear and organized fashion. The towns, the fields, the county borders. But not necessarily the backroads, but, alas so it goes.

I am getting excited about my visit, but not about the air journey back and forth. Airline travel here is not civilized and I feel like I am gulty of something the moment I enter the terminals. Join this with the average IQ of the TSA employees, and the off-handed treatments they enjoy foisting about, the extravagant pricing of snacks, magazines and coffee ,the lack of complimentary services on board the flights, and the out of line airfares, and one needs great forebearance to sally forth. Yet, the destinations are usually worth the trouble, so off I go.