This is how it works. I hear or read or see the name or description of a country or some region of the world and if it moves me, I gestate on it. That becomes the seed and if it takes root in my psyche, then the research begins. Internet, travel books, personal experiences of friends and acquaintances, these are the beginning sources that feed the hungry little germ.

 When, and if, the curiosity begins to flower, then the real planning begins. I have a job that I do for the money primarily. It does not fill me up inside, it has no particular future, nor does it engender the quest for growth or advancement. Outside of a small pension that I will receive when I retire, what it does provide, (and this is VERY important), is the means to pursue my passionate intellectual curiosities about the world and it's people and miracles. SO, I work for some months, save, plan, and go......The Door.