I don't envy our President elect. I pity him in a way, yet as we say here,"He asked for it". The time it will take to turn this boat around may seem huge but the boat is huge. We feel the support and good wishes from the world, and are happy to have them and proud that the world actually cares enough to openly state how much they are with us. As with most countries, there are 2 governments: the one in the Capitol and the one in the streets, and it seems that the two have joined for the first time in a long while. We here had to live with the pains of idiotic leadership for so long that a couple of years of adjustment and confusion will feel like a picnic without the ants!

All this aside, we are pensive and expectant and already adjusting to the vast and complicated challenge this new Presidency will provide. An odd calm, waiting watchfully. Notice that our President-elect chose to demure on the invitation to the upcoming economic summit. There can only be one President at a time. Class. It may sound pithy, but we Americans love a challenge. We got those bastards out, and believe me, that was a challenge. The fears of voter fraud and having the "old-boy network" steal yet another election were very much present all the way up to the final vote count. And, perhaps differently than other countries, our ugly prejudices and outspoken ignorance is right on the surface in many areas. I do not agree with what is said, and perhaps these things are the little cancers that have grown up along with our beloved freedom of speech. I may not always agree with what you say, but I will fight to protect your right to say it. One of the strange contradictions endemic to a society always in the midst of the throes of democracy, the class struggle without the struggle??