For many years I had an interest in nature and the outdoors. I often took pictures of my adventures and shared them with family, friends, and co-workers. Much to my surprise, I was rewarded with frequent enthusiastic compliments and encouragement to share more photos.

I saw many beautiful things during my trip to Central California and was often disappointed that my pictures did not capture the reality of what I had experienced when I was there.

This frustrating inability to share these moments motivated me to become much more serious about photography and upon returning from my trip I spent a great deal of time reading, watching online videos, experiementing, and practicing my skills. I also bought better equipment and started learning how to post process my pictures.

I expect this hobby to be something in which I will engage for the rest of my life because it is in such harmony with my appreciation for the beauty around us.

I am well aware that I have very much to learn and hope that you will feel welcome to share constructive criticism that will help me improve. Even if you lack confidence in your technical knowledge of photography, sharing with me what you like and do not like as a veiwer will help me a great deal.

I am one of the many who moved from Flickr to Ipernity when Yahoo completely revamped the Flickr site in late May 2013.

Thanks and welcome!