This will be brief and to the point.

King Putt - or, the guy whom some refer to as "the President" - ordered all American flags flown at half staff for the duration of the weekend because former South African President nelson mandela died.

Where I work, I'm the one in charge of raising and lowering the flag.

I only lowered it on Saturday, 7 Dec, in honor of those brave Americans who died in the Pearl Harbor attack of 1941.

I did NOT lower it for mandela, and it is - at this very moment - flying high and proud at the top of the pole.

I did NOT make that choice because he's black - but that is PRECISELY why King Putt gave his (oh-so-political) order.

Hell, I don't care if he was black, red, yellow, brown, or purple-with-green-spots!

He was NOT an American, so the flag stays put.