{the quote is from GEN George S. Patton, the pic is of a shirt I found at RangerUp.com}

I was going to post something about the true meaning of Memorial Day, and throw in all sorts of things like how Vice President "bite-me" said in a speech a while back that he "saw" some of the honorees in the audience.....

Nah...that's low hanging fruit, and just WAY too easy for the dignity of the day.

Then I happened across this gem at
BlackFive.net, citing a facebook post by Tom McCuin, and I knew that I wouldn't have to type too much more or research any further:

Dear USA,
Monday is Memorial Day. It is the day we honor our war dead, those warriors who gave what Lincoln called, "the last full measure of devotion." Enjoy your barbecues, your mattress sales, and your community pool openings, but remember you do so because those honored dead made it possible. Please do not offer your thanks to me or any other living veteran. It is not our day. We came home carrying our shields; they came home carried on theirs. Memorial Day the day we raise our glasses to absent comrades. Thank me and my living brothers-in-arms (and sisters, too) on Tuesday. But on Monday, turn your thoughts to the gardens of stone around the globe. See you at Section 60.

'Nuff Said.

{here is the front of that shirt at RangerUp.com....I gotta get that one.....}