Basketball is my favourite sport, I usually play basketball with my friends .We are all fans of  China's men's basketball team, we're very proud of our heroes.

Compared with the men's soccer team, I am really grateful for basketball players.They are all the host, but  why can't the  the men's soccer team give the fans a good game.Emest Hemingway said: A man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.China's men's basketball team give us serveral wonderful games.They played against the world's powerful team with no fear ,they almost beat the world champion Spanish team.They gave the fans a surprise,they gave the world a surprise!

Today,on August 16th,they won Germany team with 59-55.Although we made some mistakes,we still adhere to the final and won the match.Yao dominated the game,he led the players to achieve the dream of entering the quarter-finals.He,and his teamers,are all real men!

After a wonderful game,I'm not sure I can sleep.