Now ,the holiday is leaving. In 10 days, i will go to my new school and begin my new life of learning. But i'll remember the holiday forever, this is bound to be a memorable holiday.

My biggest gain is that participated in the summer English language classes. I make a lot of friends,such as leo, danni, jerry, peggy,emma,anna .They are  very good people, i am so happy that i can know them.

Here I must also mention the teacher,Mr Serge.He works so seriously that i found he is a little strict.But he really cares about his students,he encourages us to speak english loudly .I think I learn so much knowledge that can't be found on books. He said if you want to learn english well ,you not only should learn grammer, vocabulary and pronunciation,but also learn the western culture.I really learn many western culture from my teacher.I really thank him.

This is my holiday,i will remember it.