Nearing retirement, I have been thinking bout getting old.

It is all so relative. In the 60s we said,"don't trust anyone over 30" and then we were in our 30s and sure I found I couldn't trust anyone over 30. Well, almost anyone.

Like the Quicksilver Messenger Service songs, "Who do you love?"" "How do you love?" etc.

I ask how do you get old,where do you get old, when is it too much or too little.

I don't have easy answers. I think like most things they will come to me organically as I go along my way.

Watching that elderly woman in NYC I thought this is one way I wouldn't want to get old. bent over beside scrawled pleading for recognition on the metal gates of areas where my immigrant ancestors came to these shores.

My wife and I have decided that as soon as my pension and social security comes thru we will sell our present house in NJ and move to the more pleasant environs of western Massachusetts. This resolves very little really except it is less expensive to live.

As I said I don't have ready answers for my own questions. Will I get a part time job as a librarian or something more nature oriented? Will my health hold up for another decade or so? What will my wife do since she is 6 years younger than myself. Will she continue to work...probably. Will I go to galleries with my fotos?

Freedom from is always easy but freedom to do has always created loose ends.

So I look forward to these changes with some trepidation and I can't wait.