I DJed at an event called Motion last night, in a pub called Heaven's Door in Shimokitazawa - less than 5 mins walk from the station. It's run by a woman I met last year, Vicki. I got there about 7.45. The event starts at 8, but people don't usually come in till about 9.30pm. I hadn't really talked to anyone all day except on the phone, and was feeling a bit unstuck, so had to have a drink or two to get me going properly. Heaven's Door is run by a British guy, Paul, and they have Guiness on tap, so I started with a couple of those, and went to spirits after that. (Great value, Heaven's Door: I've never been given such a massive double Bourbon in my life! More like a quadruple.)

I went on at about 9.30 for half an hour after Vicki had spun for about 45 mins. After I stopped, a couple of guys, one on a guitar, the other on a handdrum, performed on stage - very well - for about half an hour, and then I was back on for another half hour or so. I got a couple of requests for track info from the audience, so seemed to be doing something right.

By about 10 the place was packed and buzzing. Motion fans and pub regulars mingled and the night was very fluid. I didn't know anyone there besides Vicki when I arrived, but had talked to almost a dozen people by the time I had to leave to get the last train at about 11.20pm.

Vicki and I talked about the possibility of doing a summer party, she bringing the girls and I bringing the boys. Spent the journey home thinking of likely names for it.