Like yesterday, I stopped off at Shinjuku Post Office on my way to work this morning to post another package - this time a bunch of fliers to the webmaster in Beijing. I noticed when I went to Beijing last winter the mountains of red tape in China. Even changing modest amounts of money required filling in no less than two quite lengthy forms. So I wasn't really surprised when, on handing over the EMS form to the post office guy, he said that the Chinese require an additional form to be filled out, too. And, sure enough, it took longer to fill out than the EMS form!

Things were patchy at work today in terms of busy-ness. In my off spells I worked on finishing the overview of Japanese history that I have on JapanVisitor. I did the Muromachi period today. The previous eras I all did from books, whereas today's I did just from the internet. I don't know how big a difference that makes to quality and readability, but I can always go back over them when I've found time to read the books.

A friend of mine from when I first came to Japan is a jewelry maker and sculptor in France. She asked me to approach some galleries here in Tokyo about getting some of her work exhibited here. It so happens that one gallery here, called DeuxPoissons, exhibits the work of another jewelry maker who is also exhibited, along with my friend, at a gallery in Lisbon. That was a good pretext to approach them, so I mailed them today about it.

My mail hasn't worked properly since I set it up after getting my new computer just a week ago; so I rang up my provider, Plala (basically NTT), after I got home tonight and got the problem solved. I had the wrong outgoing server port number.

Finished my day putting up an ad for BolBol, an Iranian bar/restaurant with belly dancing, water pipes, etc. that I often go to in Koenji.