Winter just seems to be starting to ease, now that we're over a month past the solstice.
I cycled to work as usual, but made a detour to Shinjuku Post Office to post a DVD and a poster to the States that I had bought for someone there via my Yahoo Auction account. The post office guy was the first person I spoke to today. As anywhere in the world, postal employees in particular can be odd, but he was nice. Much of Shinjuku-dori avenue around Yotsuya has just been repaved, so cycling along it's like gliding on velvet.

My immediate boss called me aside mid-morning. I didn't realize my contract had come up for renewal, so I agreed to sign up for another year, and told her I'd like a little more to do with customers this year. Sitting on my arse in front of a screen all day with no opportunity to really get to talk to people isn't good for me.

They gave me a modest rise, which made me happy. I took an hour off for lunch today, for the first time in quite a while. Ate at a cafe then made a couple of phone calls to audio shops on behalf of an acquaintance in France who was interested in a couple of items. I don't always like dealing with audio dealers. Of any retail sector in Japan, they often seem the most redneck if you're a foreigner, and I have to try and stop myself jerking my knee and responding to them in the same tone as they, and spoiling the atmosphere completely. Not much came of the calls. But it was a beautiful sunny day, so I wandered slowly back to the office, got back a little early, checked my mail, and briefly Messengered my sister in Christchurch. It's amazing how much you can gather about people's state of mind from the meagerest digitized clues, and sure enough, when I asked her, she said she wasn't feeling the best. She said she's getting married in June (nothing to do with not feeling good - it was a tooth), so I'll have to start thinking about what to do.

The last person I spoke to today was the courier guy who always delivers audio stuff I've won for my client in France. I see him around the neighborhood all the time - either driving his truck, riding a bicycle set up with a trailer, or, the other day, delivering something to the supermarket where I happened to be shopping. He is probably the most pleasant person I have anything to do with in the neighboorhood. We rarely exchange more words than the business requires, but any more than that would probably prove a bit of a strain for both of us.

I'm DJing for the first time in ages on Friday, so played one or two CDs, half listening while working and half thinking about my set. Just recently I have discovered that there are a lot of dance music CDs I don't like anymore. Are my ravey days really over? Are these the lounge years I hear?