Köyhät Ritarit & Primo: The Bear Feast
- a musical drama on ancient Finnish themes

1. The Bear Is Born (4'35)
2. Hunting the Bear (1'10)
3. The Homeward Journey (3'40)
4. Greetings (4'35)
5. The Feast (6'40)

Side 2
6. A Song Praise of Beer (2'55)
7. The Hunter Brags (0'30)
8. The Inraged Bear (1'50)
9. The Bear's Bride (2'50)
10. Reconcialtion beetween the Bear and The Hunter (2'17)
11. Bear Dance (2'44)
12. The Feast Is Over (4'04)
13. Hanging The Skull On A Pine Tree (6'10)

Köhät Ritarit:
Eero Hirvensalo vocal, percusson
Arto JOutsimäki vocal, percusson
Herman Rechberger, horns, kanele
Martin Smeds vocal, percusson
Sampo Suihko vocal, percusson, jew's harp
Seppo Suihko vocal, pecusson, bullroarer
Jukka Uosukainen vocal, percusson

Primo = Primitiv Music Orchestra:
Heikki Laitinen vocal, horns, shaman drum,
bullroarer, kantele, bowed harp, jew's harp
Rauno Nieminen horns, bowed harp
Hannu Saha horns, kantele, bowed harp, jew's harp

Drama compiled by Köyhät Ritarit
Cover Karelian rock paintings pre-christian era
Cover layout Heikki Yrttiaho

FUga 3033 - 1986

A bit academic try to re-establish the ancient
Finnish pagan Bear Feast.