ARTIST: Miles Davis vocals, trumpet, synthesizer

Steve Thornton vocals, percussion
Sting, Marek Olko vocals
Bob Berg soprano & tenor saxophones
Robert Irving III organ, celeste, clavinet, synthesizer
John Scofield, John McLaughlin 4,5 guitar
Darryl Jones bass
Al Foster, Vince Wilburn Jr. drums
James Prindville sound effects
TITLE: You're Under Arrest
COMPOSERS: Davis, McLaughlin, Scofield
YEAR: 1985
TIME: 42'49
BOUGHT: 21.5.1985 58 mk Digelius H:ki
GENRE: jazz, fusion, electronic
FORMAT: vinyl LP 30 cm (mp3)
STARS: *****
RECORD BEFORE THIS: Weather Report: Sportin Life 10.5.1985
RECORD AFTER THIS: Hayes: Groove 9.6.1985

1. One Phone Call / Street Scenes (Davis) 4'34
2. Human Nature (Porcaro-Bettis) 4'30
3. MD1 / Something's On Your Mind / MD2 (Davis) 7'17
4. Ms. Morrisine / Katia Prelude (Davis) (4'57)(0'40)
5. Katia (McLaughlin) 7'37
6. Time After Time (Lauper-Hyman) 3'37
7. You're Under Arrest (Scofield) 6'14
8. Medley: Jean Pierre/ Youre Under Arrest/
Then There Were None (Davis) 3'23

Great hits ballands: Human Nature & Time After Time
- just great!
And nice to hear John McLaughlin again with Miles.