Zawinul: Dialects 1986

1. The Harvest (6'04)
2. Waiting For The Rain (7'35)
3. Zeebop (4'51)
4. The Great Empire (3'54)
5. Carnavalito (6'17)
6. 6 A.M./Walkin On The Nile (7'05)
7. Peace (6'48)

Joe Zawinul keyboards & all instruments & compositions
Bobby Mc Ferrin vocal

Columbia/CBS LP
4.4.1986 62 mk Suoml. kirjak. H:ki - MP3 29.9.06

20 years ago Zawinul was in his mid 50's and everything
was still fine. He'd played with Cannonball, Miles and
Shorter in Weather Report and now, finally was the time
to do his own works.

This is the 1st album since Weather Report broke up and
the style is quite the same. Zawinul plays here all
The opening track The Harvest is a medium tempo rolling
"song" with various synth vocals (vocoders) and driving
electric drums.
Bobby McFerrin is singing in the 2nd rain song.
His vocal capabilities are amazing.
Zeebop is aggressive up-tempo, kind of new "bebop" song.
Rhythm machine is working!
The Great Empire is a tone poem, impressionistic picture
in an eastern mood. Great synth sounds here.
Carnavalito here is a studio version. There is a
live performance of the song in Zawinul Syndicates
Black Water album 1989. A carnival is going on here!
6 a.m. on Nile is a beautiful impressionistic picture
and early morning mood with bird singing etc.
The Last Peace is just beautiful!

Allmusic gives 5 stars! - and me too!

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