Zawinul 1971

1. Doctor Honoris Causa (Zawinul) 14'47
2. In A Silent Way (Zawinul) 4'47
Side 2
3. His Last Journey (Zawinul) 4'37
4. Double Image (Zawinul) 10'37)
5. Arrival In New York (Zawinul) 2'







Joe Zawinul e-piano
Herbie Hancock e-piano
George Davis flute
Woody Shaw trumpet
Earl Turbinton soprano sax
Wayne Shorter soprano sax
Miroslav Vitous bass
Walter Booker bass
Jack DeJohnette drums (4, melodica 3)
Joe Chambers percussion
Billy Hart percusiion
Producer: Joel Dorn
Photo: Ed Freeman

Atlantic SD 1579, 1971 LP - 5.2.76 30 mk
LP -> WAV 31.7.06 - MP3 - 28.8.06

Zawinul's first solo album sounds very much like Miles Davis'
Bitches Brew. Zawinul left Miles and formed a new group with
Shorter & Vitous -> Weather Report 1971.
This is kind of pre-Weather Report album including In a silent way -
The classic - was introduced already in Miles' In a silent way.
Compositions are impressionistic paintings, minimalist, even kind of
ambient (Arrival in New Your, His Last Journey). Dr Honoris Causa
(dedicated to Hancock for his Honorary Doctorate) and Double Image
(also introduced in Miles' Bitches Brew) are heavy beat electric,
fusion-jazz standards.

It was Miles Davis' In a Silent Way LP, that took me to Zawinul.
The First Weather Report was so fresh and full of new sounds and
ideas. With Shorter these guys could make miracles.
He's really of impressionistic painter of soundscapes: Mysterious
Traveler is the best Weather Report ever. - Mysterious Traveler
is one of my firsts CD's in 1986.
When Zawinul' visited Finland in late 80 He had an open air concert
near Helsinki on an island - Suomenlinna. That was unforgettable.
I was at the press conference as a reporter - and had a change to
touch him on his sholder. I Wrote a report of the concert.

This is a tribute to Zawinul, who just recently died in Wienna.
(* 7.7.32 Wien - 11.9.07).
He was one of the most influential jazz pianist from the 60's on
and then one of the most important person to invent the fusion
jazz with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter.
And he brought synthesizers into jazz!


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