Under the Milky Way of Australian band The Church was one of 1988's biggest hits world wide and the biggest hit for the band. While The Church has been continuing to make great music since then, that special song got a life of his own. It was covered lots and lots of times, was used in several TV series (like Miami Vice, yuck) and in cult movies like Donnie Darko (yes!).

Yesterday, the results of a huge poll, which was about nothing more than the best song of the last 20 years in Australia and which was done by one of the biggest magazines in Australia, have been released. Under the Milky Way won with twice as much votes as the second-placed song (by Crowded House). The Ship Song by Nick Cave got the third place.

Read more about it at The Australian

At this very moment, Painkiller, the latest solo album by The Church's singer and bassist Steve Kilbey, has been released. Check it out here and here, enjoy it, and then buy it at KarmicHit (the record label) and make an old space rocker happy.