Having seen some really good live gigs this year so far I had high hopes for the Emilíana Torrini gig in Hamburg yesterday. And, ohmygod, all hopes were exceeded by far. Her voice was gorgeous and came through very well (though the PA of the venue didn't seem to be the best for that kind of music), the songwriting was stellar and the band performed top notch. Every song sank in and after the second or third song the audience was hooked. The songs they played were from the last two albums only, but that was ok (though I like Love In Time Of Science very much as well.)

For me, the killer moments were the live versions of Gun and Jungle Drum (which just blew the venue away) and when she sang the slow Bleeder, to which she added a very personal, sad and emotional story which had happened in her life.

She's not only an incredible singer but also extremely funny because she was posing a lot, made grimaces and told really funny stories. We all laughed a lot. If she weren't a musician she'd definitely be a good actor or comedian or the like. I would have had no problems listening to her stories for ages.

One of the best gigs ever. And she's definitely one of the most likeable persons in music biz.

Some fotos are available at flickr

And here are some video clips from the gig in Heidelberg a day before, which seems to have been pretty similar to the one in Hamburg:

Some talking