Like many others I discovered ipernity when Flickr did what it did at the end of May. My first reaction to Flickr's change, when seen on a tablet was along the lines of "that's interesting", my reaction when seeing it on a desktop shortly afterwards were I suspect much like everyone else's - a feeling of disbelief that something like that had even been considered let alone released upon an unsuspecting public. After a realising that it wasn't going back the search was on for an alternative. Enter ipernity, which I sadly confess to never having heard of, despite it (or perhaps that should because of) it being European in outlook and feel. Time to dust off my French!

An account was duly set up and after keeping an eye on it to get the feel of things I decided to start transferring photos over from Flickr using the lovely little tools provided by our hosts. And then the next question - what to bring and what to leave behind? I am not a "photographer" but someone who likes taking photos, so there were a lot of snaps lurking in my Flickr collection with the occasional accidental good one. There are also a lot of family photos which were locked away unless you had the key. I didn't really want to replicate things so I went back to the beginning and started selecting, and what an experience that is turning out to be.

In the same way that boxes of photos, or old photo albums, sit on a shelf or in a cupboard - in plain view but never opened except on high days and holidays we are accumulating a vast amount of digital clutter in our lives. I appear to have well over 4,000 photos on Flickr and I don't think they were going to add greatly to the world's knowledge base if I just replicated thngs. So it was back to the beginning and a quick look at each photo, to see what makes the cut. Probably more are getting through than really merit it but one of the pleasures is remembering being somewhere to take that photo, or trying to remember why I was somewhere.

So the collection here is growing and there is a lull in uploading anything new, but thanks to the way you can keep the original uploaded date I guess I could start afresh. Meanwhile each photo added brings back another memory, which is (on the whole) no bad thing. For instance this one reminds me of my father - for reasons far too complicated to go into here.

I'll carry on down memory lane and occasionally try to think of something interesting to write about the odd one or two as I go along. If you have been, thanks for reading this far.