Since joining ipernity, I've been searching unsuccessfully for a group on prime lenses. At this stage, I believe it likely that there hasn't been one until now.

There are quite a few who share with me the problem of LBA ("lens buyer's addiction" for those not familiar with the term) and are driven to buy old lenses from time to time when they appear for sale. Equally, I know quite a few of my online friends also have new modern primes. So why not have a group for photographs taken with prime lenses? A place where maybe even some discussion might develop along the way.

After some online chat with member Dynamo today, we've started such a group and we're both delighted to invite you to join. That's the title in the header: and could we ask you to share this with any of your friends who have the same interest?

The rules? Be nice to each other, keep it "family friendly", max two shots per day, and please include somewhere the information on the lens used.

Hope to see you there.