I think I will start to use this a bit more, I have other web personas but in the main they are not anonymous. Obviously facebook is who you are and by it’s nature is not anonymous, my flickr profile is unfortunately known by someone who I work with. One of the reasons I would like to be anonymous is so I can vent my spleen about the shit seems to surround us and maybe not naming names but probably easy enough to figure out to those who know me. Sometimes I just feel the need to write, to just put whatever shit crosses my mind onto paper. Mostly not even bothered about it ever being read and sometimes never want it to be read. I’m just starting to think now what I really want to put down here today and you know it’s nothing, I guess I’ve just been reading a book and it made me want to explore my feelings a bit. Other times I just want to rant and call some cocksucking wannabe arse-licker at work and writing it down makes it so much easier. Sometimes there is no reason I can think of or I need to make a note to myself. My life seems littered with failed dairies, plans and resolution I think maybe getting it all together in a place may make it easier, maybe not. Lets see where this takes me, I can always delete the whole sad thing!