Yesterday I spent an hour photographing the race for life. I arrived early and found what I thought was a decent spot, tried a few trial pics and sat down to wait.

In the end I wasn't totally happy with the photos. I think I made two main errors, the first not taking enough pictures, think I only took about 100 in reality with so much memory available why not fill the card up. Second school boy error really, I had the camera set on manual at a speed and aperture I metered of the field. This was as I intended to approach the event I have used this successfully on other sporting occasions, I find it cuts out metering errors. However at one time I closed the aperture to get a view of the procession of runners using aperture priority and then left it closed! Crap blurry pics!

A more subtle error, which is one that if I want to make something of the photography is being shy of raising the camera and snapping strangers. I've posted a couple of the pics on here. At least I have learned a few lessons here.

I guess I will use this site as a record of my learning journey and also for any notes I want to make about photography.