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  • I'm Back

    - 6 years ago - 1 comment
    I'm back from my camping trip. We had such a great time, sad that it's over but glad to be sleeping in my own bed again. Lol! I'm gong to be catching up with my photos and will be around sometime to everyone's photostream to see what you all been up to. I was only gone a few days but it seems really hard to get back on track with things. I'm also itching to start some new art! Catch ya soon.

  • Blog

    - June 22, 2013
    I want to let everyone here know about my blog. Most of my images that I have here are posted there regularly, but I do hold blog giveaways. It's a fun way to give to people and just love the excitement of wondering who the winner is going to be. The prizes can be something teeny tiny or larger and they are all made by me. Sometimes the prize is a mystery until the winner is announced. Sound exciting? If so I hope you'll visit my blog and who knows you just might be the next winner. www.the…

  • Little Blue Guy 365

    - June  6, 2013 - 2 comments
    I did a One Object 365 day project on Flickr from 2010 to 2011 and I'll be importing those photos over here in small batches. I had such a great time doing this project and thought that this would be a great opportunity to share it with you and also for me to revisit it. Ahh the memories. My object was a blue pompom with google eyes that my husband made me just for fun. I gave him the name of Little Blue Guy, Blue or LBG and took a photo of him everyday for 1 year. I hope you will visit Blue…

  • Here

    - May 30, 2013 - 2 comments
    I really love it here on ipernity! Been here about a week and it feels really good. I came over from Flickr and guess I'll keep that account going, but find myself not wanting to bother with it. My contacts are still there and really don't want to lose touch with them. So we'll see. Anyways when I think of posting photos or seeing other photos I think of ipernity first. So glad I found out about it. :)