As most people, I like panorama photos. There are enough views that are simply to large to capture but it would be a crime to crop the view. So panorama photos are the solution

I did some panoramas with Hugin, but for larger projects (more than two parts) I'm usually too lazy to create dozens of control points over and over again.

Today, I tried three alternatives, all shareware. I loaded the photos and created the panoramas with default settings.


DoubleTake is a typical application from a typical small Mac shareware company. The interface is clean and easy, the files are added via drag and drop. The complete workflow seems to be quite fast, I never got the feeling that the program hung. DoubleTake costs 16.95 Euro which seems to be fair price. As you can see in the result, there are some artifacts in the result. This may depend on the source images.


Calico also comes with a clean interface. Though it's not as Mac-like as DoubleTake, the image load dialog appears after clicking on the button on the bottom of the window or the edit menu (that's why I didn't find it at first) It costs 39 Dollar (approximately 27 Euro). The result looks good, but you have to crop the panorama yourself (or did I oversee anything else?)


PTGui Pro is the most expensive tool. It really looks like a pro tool: the interface is a little bit awkward and not Mac-like at all, the advanced options are overwhelming. It seems to be a little bit more unresponsive as the other two. With a price of 79 Euro, it's almost twice as expensive as the other two together. The result also has to be cropped manually, but this time, I wouldn't be surprised to oversee any cropping option.


None of the three tools is unaffordable. Depending on the time you want to spend creating the panoramas (or rather you do NOT want to spend), the preferences should be the first two.

Please look at the results and tell me which photo looks best. Try to overlook the black borders and the shareware annotations.