So, here's some good news for folks worried about the future of the US economy!

The Dow didn't drop as far today as it did yesterday! YAY!

Well, you should still be worried, but hey, you can be worried a little bit less!

See, the Dow (the prime index to judge the entire American stock market) only dropped 128 points from where it was yesterday. That's a drop of 1.49% to 8451 points.

Of course, those numbers are all relative, being compared only to yesterdays panic-inducing digits which were arrived at after a 680 point drop.

Aaaand you can see, when you look at the graph, that the Dow spent most of the day fighting with gravity.

The idea to take away from this post, and also the stock market's performance today, is that the drop slowed, in the big picture. Will the it continue to drop tomorrow? Who knows? Today's graph looks MUCH more volatile than yesterday's (here:…o-can-tell ) so I've got no idea.

Still, it's nice to see that it wasn't so bad today.

Gotta think positive, right?

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