Positive Experience/Entertaining? Definitely! Also, it was surprisingly dark for a film from Disney and Pixar.

Technically any good? Pixar has only once ceased to amaze me with how good their movies are. This is not that time. Wall-E is amazing. Absolutely solid, story and script-wise. Sound designer Ben Burtt does an AMAZING job of acting through the sound effects he gives the lead robot. CGI-FX-wise, this film was amazing. For large chunks of the film I simply could not tell that the film was computer generated. It did make me long for the days of live-movie making. I felt like there was very little of this movie that could NOT have been shot with a real robot. Sure, the film would have taken years longer to make, but I'm just saying it's always a better movie when real things are used to create the images.

How did it leave me feeling? Good--but puzzled. It seems that a movie that speaks out against corporate monoliths telling us all what to think and what to consume is kind of ironic when it comes form a giant corporate monolith. Isn't a corporation making a movie about it's bad when a corporation tells you what to do kind of hypocrisy in action? So: don't listen to corporations except for now. This odd paradox doesn't mean you shouldn't see the movie. If I were you, I'd do a triple feature of Silent Running, Idiocracy and then Wall-E (in that thematically chronological order).

Final Rating? GSN - GO SEE NOW! Seriously, this is one of those great movies that is just so close to perfect you can't see it enough. Sure, it's a hippie, green movie, but what do you want? It happens to be a good place to come from.