So, the stock market is in a slow, but generally consistent freefall, but that's just the economy. The good news is that Obama is pulling ahead in a national poll. I suspect that as the stock market continues TheDrop, McCain's numbers will suffer similarly. Once this "economic" surge kicks in (assuming it ever does) perhaps McCain can make a McComeback. Something tells me he's S.O.L. since money only vanishes quickly--it doesn't return that way.

But there's more lame news to sandwich that good news that McCain is losing. I accidentally spilled (like I'd do spill on purpose) nearly an entire cup of coffee on my MacBook today. Luckily, I don't really go into panic mode for things like this. I just immediately moved my poor MB to the floor, stood it up on its side (like an open book) and then aimed our big box fan at it. Then I mopped up the coffee that had passed through it, onto the table that serves as my desk.

After a couple hours of drying in front of the fan, I popped the battery back in (if you ever spill coffee on your laptop, removing the battery is the FIRST thing you should do after unplugging the thing). I tried powering her up, but it was a no go. I took the battery out again, the hit up for detailed instructions on how to take apart a MacBook. I opened her up and saw that the motherboard (or "logic board" as they are called on Macs) had little bits of caked lint around. That was a good sign--if they had been tiny little globs of wet lint, it meant coffee had made it to the board.

My theory is that the way the MacBook's keyboard is designed, it seems to allow any liquid spilled on it to flow to one side or the other. In my case, I immediately had put it on it's side, USB-ports down (this kept the coffee away from the optical drive). It think this was the best thing I could have done. Seeing no coffee damage, I put the whole thing back together.

This time, knowing for sure that the interior was completely dry, I plugged the MB into the wall. Obviously I wanted to make sure the insides were dry to avoid any shorts.

I hit the power button and she turned on just fine. WHEW.

Sadly, it seems the battery is deadish. I tried TheWife's MacBook battery in my machine and it powered up fine. So, it's definitely the battery. I was hoping it was the battery socket since I am capable of fixing that. A battery I can't fix unless I want to risk shocking myself, which I really don't. There's a slight chance that it will dry out and start working once it does, but only time will confirm that.

I reeeally hope it does dry since I can't afford to drop $100+ on a new battery.

The funny thing is that the little power indicator LEDs light up to tell me the battery is fully charged, so I'm not sure what's up. Perhaps a call to my electrical engineering dad is in order.

Ah well. After a quick phone call I'm likely going to call it a night. Today's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

Of course, tomorrow is October 7, 2008 and two different sources say something huge and bad will happen of 911-proportions. I'm not going to bother linking to either story since odds are it's full of crap. Still, it's good to know that things can always get worse, right? ;P

Seriously though, feel free to Google "October 7, 2008 web-bot" and you'll find hits for one source and then Google just the date and you'll hit others. If you're reading this on or after the 7th and "10/7" isn't a date that will live in infamy for you, then everything's probably cool :)