I've been busy, away from the Internet most of the weekend (the deuce, I say!) but on my blog Friday (here: http://thepete.com/…e-debate08 ) I had promised to get away from some of the depressing stuff a bit so here ya go. Above is my NEW MEEZ.com avatar!

Yes, you may recall eleven months ago I posted my first Meez avatar. You can check our that post from November of 2007 here: http://thepete.com/…com-avatar

Well, here is my new one! WOW! What a difference a year makes!

As opposed to last year, when I was sitting in the gutter of Hollywood Boulevard tapping away on my MacBook, I am now sitting in the middle of the street in Times Square! It's like a whole new ME!

I've even got headphones on (to defeat the loud traffic and subway noise) and black Chucks instead of red on my feet! Anyone who says men never change never met me!!

Want to check out my Meez page? Go here: http://meez.com/thepete There's nothing there but the above animation, but once there, you can sign up/in and make your own Meez avatar!


All right, back to your regularly planned Sunday.
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