Tired of reading about the economy? Me, too! It's the weekend so I'm going to spend it posting about fun stuff. In fact, I'm going to be posting about a wider array of things starting next week.

My blog, my passions, I say.

It's just that things have been so crazy with politics and the economy that it's been impossible to blog about much else. However, the weekend hasn't fully started yet, so here's a bit more politics (sorry).

FactCheck.org came out with their report on the VP debate last night. Read it in full (including an in-depth analysis) here: is.gd/3sYr

In a nutshell, candidates fudged the facts--almost an equal number of times, too. I just wish the folks at FactCheck would point out where no facts were presented at all in answers given. Palin, along with most politicians (but her in particular), has the uncanny ability to make completely empty statements sound substantive. It's scary as hell, frankly. Her "Word Storms" really do shock and awe. If you're too polite, you won't call her on it and she'll get away with effectively lying (assuming you notice she said nothing at all).

If you missed FactCheck.org's analysis on the first Presidential debate, you can check it out here: is.gd/3sYr

You might also check out the politics blog at NPR.org for pretty high quality fact-checking, too. Just go here: www.npr.org/blogs/politics

All right, what a week!

Next week we have the next Prez debate on Tuesday. I'm sure some other crap will happen to keep us busy, too--more banks caving, the dollar dropping, oil climbing.

Who knows? Maybe oil will drop and the dollar will climb?

Nah, I don't really think so, either.