This above is a screengrab of an article (here:…fault.aspx ) at (a local NYC news source). It's just general information about the bailout bill getting passed earlier today.

Why is it of any note? Have a look at those last couple sentences: "Black lawmakers said personal calls from Barack Obama earned their support of the bill.

John McCain also phoned reluctant lawmakers for their help."

So, John McCain called and pressured House reps to vote yes on the bill and Obama did the same. I *hate* to say anything about Obama but he called up black reps, essentially playing the race card to get lawmakers in the House to go his way. At least, that's how this article presents it. It doesn't say he spoke with all lawmakers, but just black ones. That is the race card, sorry.

Regardless, Obama is still the better man for the White House, period. If he is a little pro-black, can we honestly blame him? I don't think so.

That said, I don't think we should vote for anyone with our eyes closed.
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