Watching the Bailout Bill Pass :( on

Well, I wish I could say it was unbelievable, but sadly, it's completely believable.

So, the US Congress passes a bill that will borrow hundreds of billions from the Fed so the USG can buy up all the bad debt clogging the US banking system. Somehow, we're supposed to make money off of this bad debt and pay the billion borrowed back. I'm not sure I follow this logic at all.

I'll be looking for and posting a list of House reps who voted today and which way they voted. I thought I heard the guy on C-SPAN say that only Republicans voted against. If true, this means both my new rep (Rangel) and my old rep (Waxman) both let me down.

I'll post that list as soon as I can find it so you can know who NOT to vote for in November.

Screw all those guys.