It'll take five seconds to call and let them know what you're thinking.

Go to in the upper left corner of the site, there is a field where you can enter your zip. Click the "Go" button and you'll see the name of your House Rep. Click on that person's name and you'll be sent to their website. Then find the contact link, click on it, get their number in Washington DC (odds are they're in DC to vote on the bailout bill) and then CALL IT.

Emails are fine, faxes are fine, too, but calling will make the difference. They need to here a voice and be inconvenienced by calls to really feel the pressure. Please do it, it takes literally seconds to say "Hi, I'd like to register my lack of support for the bailout bill." When I called, they then asked me my name and zip and once I told them, they thanked me. That was it. PLEASE DO IT NOW. No bailout bill is a good bailout bill. We're helping the rich when they won't help the poor (us!). Watch the video if you need convincing.

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