You knew they were going to do it.

If you read this blog you know I knew they were going to do it.

Forget that the Federal Reserve already sunk $630 billion into our economy. I was shocked when I saw a Twitter post from thePuck Tuesday that the Fed had decided to move on its own. Earlier in the day, I saw another socnetizen in my circle microblog something like "what difference does $70 billion make? Apparently a lot."

He was referring to the $70 billion less the Fed was borrowing from other central banks.

While I was shocked, it wasn't shocked because the Fed went ahead and did it. I was shocked because the Federal Reserve is usually pretty low key. They speak in riddles and hide in the shadows. Don't believe me? Check out and see how long it takes for your ADD to kick in. These guys do not want us to know what they're up to, or else we already would.

So, the idea that these guys would make a move like this and draw all sorts of attention to them, is very surprising. Why should they not want to draw attention to themselves?

Simple, they're the real power in our country. But I'm digressing. This post is about the USG passing a bailout bill anyway.

This is what baffles me. How can the media not cover this in any serious way? Did a single person on TV or in print ask the question of anyone in congress: "WHY do we need the bailout now??"

Yet, yesterday, a bailout bill passed the Senate.

The good news is that now the House needs to vote on it. Hopefully, they will say no.

The idea of bailing the water out of the sinking ship that is the American economy pisses me off.

A bailout is stealing money from our future pockets and putting it in the hands of the rich. Hell, it's stealing from our pockets now, too. All that money ($630 + $700 billion= $1.33 TRILLION) will drive the value of the dollar straight down. Of course, if you're disgustingly rich, you'll hardly feel it.

That's what this ultimately comes down to. The fucking rich and their rich pals in government.

This is no democracy. Its a corporatocracy. It's the feudal system all over again.

We all work for corporations/feuds that kiss the ass of the king/George. The king/George keeps the military working for the good of the corporations/feuds keep the peasants (us) in line.

Man, it sounds so extreme, but with the shrinking middle class and the ever-present corporation, I feel like the metaphor fits.