So, remember all that "America First" stuff at the RNC about a month ago? Well, something occurred to me since then, something that really should have struck all of us right on top of all of that bullshit "American First" rhetoric.

How does Senator John McCain NOT put "America First?" Let me count the ways:

1) He chooses a female running mate in the hopes more people will want to support a female candidate rather than a qualified one

2) He reveals his choice very close to the election in the hopes most of us won't have time to research his pick.

3) Keeps his candidate largely away from the press because, well, she's an idiot.

4) Covers these cynical, self-serving choices by repeating over and over and over the (clearly bullshit rhetorical) mantra "America First."

Sounds like Senator John is putting McCain First and not America.

Senator John is like Farmer John only without the moral fiber in his diet.

If this is how Senator John puts "America First" shouldn't we put him last?

Picture credit goes to Twitter's Baby_Obama and @Siskita
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