Damn, had a really great (and concise!) post about the Federal Reserve and randomly Utterli decided to sign me out. Holy crap, that's annoying. Check out my screencap grabbed seconds after clicking "send". You can see in the upper right corner that I'm still logged in. I had been logged in for days. I'm sure it was random, but there's no way someone should be recognized as not being logged in after hitting the "send" button. How could I even see the send button if I wasn't logged in? There should be some line of code that can recognize this and at least save the content of the post someplace while the user logs back in.

This really infuriates me because I was really proud of this post not being absurdly long. It was like 3 paragraphs and I nailed it.

I remember asking someone at Utterz, a while ago, for an autosave. I haven't lost a post to this site in months. Man...
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