ThePete's 12 Second Japanese Lesson #8 See ya! on

This lesson's hiragana is:

じゃね (the "や" or "ya" is small so you mush it in with the ”じ” or "ji".)

And the romaji is:

Ja ne

This is almost the least formal, basic way to say good-bye to someone. You could drop the "ne" to make it even more basic.

I've heard a LOT of different ways to say "see ya!" so don't be surprised if you don't hear Japanese people say this when they walk away from you. But this is a good safe thing to say to them when they do.

Remember, unless you're leaving town for good, you *don't* want to say "sayonara"! It's "Ja!" or "Ja ne!" Perhaps I'll go over a few other ways to say "see ya" in future lessons. Check out Lesson 7 for more on "sayonara" here:

To learn more Japanese online, I recommend checking out Alex Brooke's (also visit his site to check out what else he's up to). You might also check out or pick up the book Japanese from Zero: Volume 1 if you want to learn offline.

Did I get something wrong? Tell me! I've got a LOT to learn still, so please help me and others by commenting. ありがとうございます! (arigatou gozaimasu - thank you very much!)