ThePete's 12 Second Japanese Lesson #7 Good-Bye on


Here is "good-bye" in hiragana:


In romaji:

sayonara (sah-yo-nah-rah)

All the "a" sounds in Japanese are long "a" sounds like in the word "alternative"--NOT like in the word "Albert".

"R" sounds sound almost like "d" sounds in Japanese (but not quite!).

PLEASE NOTE: While Pimsleur's Japanese lessons on CD tell us that "sayonara" is the standard way to say good-bye to people in Japanese, THIS IS NOT CORRECT.

According to what I've been told by an actual Japanese person, you only say "sayonara" when you are saying good-bye forever.

When you're just saying good-bye at the end of the day or when you're done meeting with someone for coffee, you want to say something like "see ya later". No, I'm not going to tell you how to do that now. I'll cover how to do this in the next 12 Second Japanese lesson!

Ja, ne!


To learn more Japanese online, I recommend checking out Alex Brooke's (also visit his site to check out what else he's up to). You might also check out or pick up the book Japanese from Zero: Volume 1 if you want to learn offline.

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