There's a new documentary that's out on DVD now called "SPLIT: A DIVIDED AMERICA". It talks about the insane (and imagined) divide in American politics. It also does a great job of showing just how and, more specifically, why the country seems to be divided up into red and blue states.

You can read my pocket review of the docu here:…erica-2008

As good a job as "SPLIT" does, the games politicians play go even further than just dividing up the country into two colors based on along political lines.

Take the current economic situation and the debate last week. John McCain wants a bailout and Barack Obama wants a bailout with different terms.

But surely there are more than just two options, right?

The Congress says there are only two options, too. A bailout the Republicans like and a bailout the Democrats like.

The only other option that I've seen presented came from George W. Bush when he delivered that speech last week suggesting that the world would end if we don't bail Wall Street out. Well, he said banks wouldn't be able to loan, which is like saying the world will end to these guys.

But surely, that's not the only conclusion that can be reached, right?

Yet, that's all we hear about.

In the war against terror, we get the "you're either with us or you're against us."

Actually, in the Russian/Georgian conflict, we only get to consider one option--that Russia was wrong to invade Georgia and that's it. But we do have two different ways to deal with Russia and both respect Georgia as a good guy in this (despite the fact that Georgia going for regime change in S. Ossetia started the mess).

The next time you sit down to watch the news or even read the news online, see how many times you can spot the binary arguments. You're either for or against something. There is either the conservative solution or the liberal one.

It's kind of absurd that so many things in life are boiled down to two choices, two sides, two arguments.

Once you start to notice all of the binary arguments put forth out there, you then start to consider what we might be talking about if everything wasn't black or white, on or off, red or blue.

Who knows? We might actually be solving the real problems facing us!

You can learn more about SPLIT at
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