C-SPAN's at it again with their wacky archive of political coverage and has linked my little debate round-up. Check it out here: http://debatehub.c-span.org/…he-debate/

Of course, after reading their excerpt of my post I realized a bad grammar choice I made (can you see it in the screencap? I CAN! Geh...) and had to go back to the original post to fix it. It always pays to proofread thoroughly, BEFORE C-SPAN.org links to you!

Aaaanyway, so the debate was from a participatory standpoint. C-SPAN the network threw me for a loop, though, by putting the debate on C-SPAN2. They even had a countdown to the debate on C-SPAN1. We watched it count down and then vanish and we're still seeing the House floor and I'm like... wha? Turns out, I had the closed captioning on so I wouldn't have to hear the politicians if I didn't want to--the captions were blocking the graphic that read: "Presidential Debate on C-SPAN2"


Still, though--why put something as important as the debate on C-SPAN2??? I mean, C-SPAN2 is for stupid crap like BookTV. Stupid books! What did they ever do for us??

Check out more fun debate-related coverage at C-SPAN's debate hub:

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